Becoming A Bill Payment Center

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5.9 million americans don't have a bank account

they rely on local merchants as a place to pay their bills.  Last year customers paid over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) in convenience fees paying bills. 

Your customers can pay their utility, cell phone, cable and other bills quickly and efficiently at your store. Earn up to 50% of the consumer fee as commission.

Mac Productions offers bill payment services from multiple providers to enable your customers to pay nearly any bill, do wireless top-ups or cross-border bill payments. Transactions are recorded and delivered electronically to the vendors. Bi-lingual customer service is provided via a toll-free number.

System Requirements

PC running windows 10/11 Pro, a web cam with auto focus and a receipt printer.


Benefits of offering Bill Payment to your customers


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How it works

The entire transaction takes a few seconds to complete.  We provide you with free training and in-store advertising materials to help increase traffic.

Step 1 

The customer presents the bill

Step 2

The bill payment transaction is entered.  Money is collected along with a small convenience fee.  A receipt is provided.

Step 3

Payments are transferred electronically throughout the day.

Step 4

Most payments are posted within 1 to 2 days.  For billers who have already authorized transactions, real-time payments are posted immediately to the account.