Hosting The Homeless

Global Homelessness

Homelessness is a very preventable problem

Mac Productions created the Hosting The Homeless program.  Through our program we make donations to homeless shelters and hunger centers globally in the customers home area for every website we host.  

Hunger and homelessness is a global problem.

At Mac Productions, we’re currently supporting numerous hunger centers and homeless shelters globally including the following:

The Salvation Army

The Los Angeles Mission

Nashville Union Rescue Mission

Sunbeam Senior Shelter

Open Door Mission (Houston, TX)

Pets of the Homeless

United Street Ministries

Albuquerque H.C. for the Homeless

Chattanooga Community Kitchen

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Help yourself and your community 

Global Homelessness Statistics

* The stats are from a united nations survey done in 2005.  so the numbers are actually higher. 

* Homeless Worldwide
Homeless Shelters Supported
1+ Billion
* Lack Adequate Housing