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What kind of help do you need

Here are a few quick access links to commonly requested types of support.

Bill payment center support

Are you having an issue with your bill payment service.  Call 1.800.683.4214 (M-F 9am-8pm EST) and (Sat 10am-6pm EST)

Credit Card Processing

Are you having an issue with your credit card terminal or do you need credit card supplies, etc.. Call 1.800.761.8039

SideHustle Support

Text the word support to 1.216.503.8570

Access your account

You can pay your bill, print out a statement and more... 

Partnerone+ support

coming in 2024

create a help ticket 

If you are having an issue with any of our other products or services.  

Pay My Bill

quick pay

Existing customers pay your Mac Productions bill quickly without logging into your account.  Just scan one of the QR codes, enter the amount of your bill and submit. And we'll send you a receipt via email or text message.

cashApp quick pay QR

CashApp Account Required

Link to my Venmo profile
venmo quick pay QR

Venmo Account Required