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Crown Royalty Transportation and delivery service lLC

Their goal is to provide best in class transportation services to our customer's safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources. Offer cost effective, environmentally friendly and problem-solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives.

Mac Productions helps to power their entire business — from their website, to customer generation, and credit card processing.

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Sweet smell of Success

I have always enjoyed fragrances when I was a young lady decades ago.  So it is an honor and a privilege to do this as my job. Who would have thought that I would be living my dream making fragrances each and everyday.

We believe in selling excellent products so that people will come back. Someone asked me what is the difference between Pulse Points and others. I said to them, It is our quality. We have repeat customers,. We believe in giving gifts. Customers will go wherever they are treated the best. We believe in treating our customers like totality.

Powered by mac productions is the theme Behind everything at from their website to their point of purchase Materials in their mac Productions designed retail location.

- Monica Malik

Founder of

Dumas AR PD
To Protect and serve

The Dumas Police department

Since 1904, The Dumas Police Department committed themselves to reduce crime and ensure public safety.

Mac Productions Is Equally Committed To Powering The  Entire Police department  and the City of dumas arkansas— From Their Website, To email and more...