Home Security By Mac Productions

You’ve worked hard for your new home and everything in it.  Now its time to protect it with a state of the art home security and home automation solution.  Systems so advanced that they practically pay for themselves.  Home security systems can now reduce your insurance premiums by 10% or more.


Real human guards watching your cameras in real time

How It Works

Cameras Detect
Smart security cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats—the fastest detection solution available compared to other security camera companies.

Live Guard Surveillance
Through live video surveillance, virtual security guards watch
every time a person steps foot on your property in real time.

Instant Response
Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds. We boast the fastest response times among home and business security companies—with no false alarms.


Features Include

2-Way Speaker & Mic
For real-time crime intervention by our experienced virtual security guards

Wireless & Power-over-Ethernet Options
Get full coverage with multiple security cameras and features to suit your property’s needs

Local AI in Hub
Lightning-fast security footage processing & security classification

AI Analysis
50+ frames per second & is always learning how to protect your home or business better

Protect what matters most

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