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Becoming A Bill Payment Center

According to a recent survey 5.9 million Americans do not have a bank account.  Meaning they rely on local merchants as a place to pair their bills.  Last year customers paid over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) in convenience fees paying bills.  Our bill payment centers are helping store owners increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and boost in-store traffic.

Increase your profits by adding bill payment to your money services. Your customers can pay their utility, cell phone, cable and other bills quickly and efficiently at your store. Earn up to 50% of the consumer fee as commission.

Mac Productions offers bill payment services from multiple providers to enable your customers to pay nearly any biller, do wireless top-ups or cross-border bill payments. Transactions are recorded and delivered electronically to the vendors. Bi-lingual customer service is provided via a toll-free number.


How it Works

  • 1. Customer presents the bill.
  • 2. The bill payment transaction is entered. Money is collected along with a small convenience fee. A receipt is provided.
  • 3. Payments are transferred electronically throughout the day.
  • 4. Most payments are posted within one or two days. For billers who have already authorized transactions, real-time payments are posted immediately to the account.


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