Manage all your financial services through one platform

Add new services without adding hardware

Access all your financial services from one system.  With one click you can launch our check cashing, bill payment and more coming soon!

Using AllSmartPOS

All deployments can include:

  • SmartCheck Check Cashing
  • Web Point-of-Sale system
  • More integrations to come...

Create buttons for your preferred providers:

  • Bill Payment Services
  • Money Transfer
  • International Prepaid Calling
  • Money Order
  • Prepaid Debit Card
  • Lending
  • More Fully Integrated Providers Coming Soon...


  • Track any cash in and out of the system at any level
  • Vault
  • Drawer/Lane
  • Individual Clerks
  • Store to Store
  • Make daily reconciliations easy by providing totals to compare to your financial service provider's totals
  • Manage cash value items such as stamps and phone cards
  • Leverage "One-ID" for multiple services


  • Platform is delivered by web browser
  • Integrated directly with SmartCheck
  • Custom buttons based on your stores services
  • Large operators can custom brand


Point of Sale+ SmartCheck Check Cashing

The web-based POS application, AllSmartPOS, integrates directly with our SmartCheck check cashing system. The system can also be integrated with CheckFreePay, your bill pay services, money transfer, and other services providers; giving you a single convenient interface for all your financial offerings.

AllSmartPOS enables you to design personalized buttons for any service, whether integrated or standalone, facilitating management, tracking, and reporting of your entire product inventory. SmartCheck is also directly integrated within AllSmartPOS automatically counting your check cashing amounts in your transaction totals.

With AllSmartPOS, you will now have:

  • Check cashing transactions and other products available in one system
  • One, itemized, receipt for your customer
  • Streamlined reconciliation with the all-in-one system

Compliance Features

These days, your business and MSB account is only as
good as your compliance, so stay ahead of the game
with AllSmartPOS!

  • Aggregate transactions across many different types of products and services like check cash- ing, wire transfers, money orders, bill payments, prepaid debit cards, and more! Whether you have one transfer company or a dozen, AllSmart has you covered and helps you stay in compliance with FinCEN and your bank!
  • Enforces the KYC, document retention, and process policies from your AML program.
  • CTR and SAR alerts and direct filing to BSA
  • Aggregated transactions that contribute to CTR and SAR thresholds
  • Custom button creation with built-in reportable categories for money in and money out to help you stay compliant.
  • OFAC/SDN list is used every time for every transaction.
  • Allows easy online access for monitoring, re- porting, and record keeping for your compliance officer or company

Safe / Vault

  • Manage cash and items in and out of the system
  • Distribute cash to drawers
  • Handle requests from individual drawers
  • Move money store to store


  • View complete summary of activities
  • Transactions counts, amounts and fees for each service
  • Summary of cash in and out between the vault

Consolidate Reports

  • View system totals by drawer, user or time period
  • Track individual drawer and vault activity
  • Print or export to excel
  • Monitor store activity from a home office (or any other location)