Take Charge Of Your Credit Card Processing


Accept payments anywhere.  In your store or in person or your website.  Even by email or phone.  Business happens anywhere and at anytime, you must be ready to capitalize on the opportunity when it presents itself.  With our merchant solutions you can do just that.

  • OptBlue – Allows you to accept American Express like any other card.  One statement and one deposit for all card brands
  • Tablet POS – Accept payments, provide promotions, analytics, labor management, rewards and much more
  • Quick Chip EMV Card Reader – Offer faster, more secure checkouts and reduce chip card transaction times from 15 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Point of Sale System – Review your processing costs and answer customer transaction questions quickly with 24/7 account to your account
  • Credit Card Terminal – Credit card terminals help you quickly and securely accept your customers preferred form of payment in-person
  • Mobile POS – Everything you’d expect from a traditional point of sale system, but in a mobile form so you can take your business with you


Discover more solutions for your business

  • Next Day Funding – When cash flow is key, why wait any longer than needed to receive credit card payments? Get your money next day
  • Empower Program – Offer your customers a discount on cash and check payments.  Keep more profits where they belong – in your pockets
  • Cash Advance – When your business is in need of short term financing.  Our cash advance solutions can quickly replenish your bank account.
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards – Turn your customers into your greatest advertising tool: with gift cards and loyalty cards.  Keep your customers coming back.
  • ACH and Check Processing – Our worry free check acceptance service allows you to accommodate your customers preferred payment methods
  • Data Guardian – Data breaches are a thing of the past.  Our suite of compliance and security features protect your business in the event of a breach


Switch, Save and Earn .  Are you unhappy with your current credit card processor?  Switch to us and we’ll pay up to $1,000 in early termination fees (ETF).  Why switch to us:

  • We offer the most competitive rates possible
  • Guaranteed rate review (Every 2 years we review your rates to ensure they stay competitive)
  • Cash Back Bonus Program rewards merchants with 10% cash back on their credit and debit card sales.  So the more business you do the bigger the bonus.


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