The Check Cashing and Payday Loan Services industry accounts for nearly a quarter of financial services spending by underbanked consumers. Revenue over the past five years grew to $11.4 billion . Get your share today!!

Check Cashing


With a choice of either web-based or PC-based check cashing solutions,  ensures your business has a fast, safe and cost effective way to approve checks. We make it easy.

SmartCheck – is a web-based check cashing product with many new features designed for large grocery, retail and money services chains. SmartCheck provides comprehensive back-office controls for risk management, transaction pricing, government compliance and second-level approvals. Standardized, numerically driven decisioning keep the clerk focused on moving people through the line and providing excellent customer service. Built on the Mac Productions Web Services (AWTS) platform, SmartCheck is frequently updated, can be private labeled, and integrates value-added services from third-party providers.

SmartCheck works with browsers from Google, Microsoft, Firefox and others and includes a hardware management utility that works with a variety of check readers, ID scanners, printers, and other peripheral devices without the need for browser plug-ins. By leveraging the power and security of our cloud network, SmartCheck enables all of your stores to seamlessly share data and ensures protection from data loss.

Paycheck Secure Basic – Paycheck Secure is a PC-based solution that offers modular features and flexible pricing options. A solid platform with over 15 years of evolution, Paycheck Secure has been the most trusted product in providing customer enrollment, decision support, risk management, electronic deposits and other essential capabilities to be successful in the check cashing business. Available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Paycheck Secure Premium – Paycheck Secure Premium additionally incorporates biometric fingerprint-based customer enrollment and authentication to deter fraudsters by leveraging our database across the Mac Productions Network of merchants. Paycheck Secure Premium also includes integrated government compliance reporting for filing currency transaction reports (CTRs) and suspicious activity reports (SARs). High volume businesses can also take advantage of flat rate pricing with no transaction fees. A rebate voucher program is also available with Paycheck Secure Premium that enables you to offer free check cashing to your customers by rebating the check cashing fee onto vouchers that can only be used in your store.

Bundled Packages – For any of our check cashing solutions we can bundle the hardware, software and services into one simple monthly payment. Mac Productions provides a comprehensive warranty and replacement service during the term of the agreement. Worry-free service.

Customizable Acceptance Criteria – Mac Productions’s check cashing products have customizable settings to determine which checks to accept. Our proprietary rules engine can restrict check types, dollar amounts, velocity indicators, maker history, and customer history.

Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment – Mac Productions pioneered fingerprint-based biometric customer enrollment and authentication for the check cashing industry. Our government grade fingerprint processing identifies and verifies repeat customers while helping to detect the fraudsters across the Mac Productions Network.

National Fraudster DatabaseOver 9 million consumers are registered in the Mac Productions database. We track which ones have passed bad checks and make that list available across all merchants that use our products and services. Catch the fraudsters before they catch you.

Negative Check Database – Mac Productions shares negative check data across all merchants in our network. If you are presented a check from a known bad maker, Mac Productions will notify you before fraud can occur.

Configurable Pricing Rules – Our products enable you to set pricing rules for different types of checks under a variety of circumstances. This includes things like surcharges for first time customers or combinations of check types and check amounts. SmartCheck’s advanced pricing rules help you optimize risk control.

Private Labeling & Customization – For large chains, SmartCheck can be private labeled with your brand name, your logo, and even your preferred screen colors. If you need to integrate SmartCheck into an in-house system or want to use it with a network of sales agents, we can create a custom version for you.

Bi-Lingual Interface – SmartCheck can be used in Spanish or English by simply sliding a toggle at the top of the screen, on the fly. Enabling your employees to use the product in their native language will help minimize errors and provide better customer service. [Coming Soon!]

Address Verification – When entering the customer’s address in SmartCheck, Mac Productions will check the supplied address information against a national database to verify it is a valid address and that it is formatted properly. This helps reduce identity-based fraud.

Cell Phone Verification – When entering the customer’s cell phone number in SmartCheck, Mac Productions will verify that it is a valid cell phone number by immediately sending a text message to the customer. Like address verification, this helps reduce identity-based fraud.

E-mail Verification – With SmartCheck, Mac Productions checks a national database to validate the email address provided by the customer. Not only a great way to help verify identity but invaluable if you plan on marketing offers to your customers.

Government Compliance Reporting – Compliance with the Bank Secrecy and US Patriot Acts is mandatory. All of our check cashing products have fully integrated compliance features for CTRs, SARs and OFAC. Includes automatic identification of activities that require compliance and built-in online report submission. Mac Productions also offers a comprehensive AML Compliance Program.

In-Store Voucher Program – Providing check cashing services is one of the best ways to ensure customer loyalty and putting cash in their hand to buy other goods and services. The Mac Productions Voucher Program enables you to rebate the check cashing fees as a point of sale coupon to further entice your customers to spend money in your store.

Reporting & Analytics – Setting up your check cashing rules is easy with our online configuration and reporting tools. Whether a report about the day’s transactions or researching the status of an individual check, our reporting tools help you run your business.

Automated Data Backup – With SmartCheck, all data is stored in the Mac Productions cloud and you can be assured that it is protected and safe. With Paycheck Secure, your data is stored and encrypted on your PC with automated backups to Mac Productions data centers. If you have a hardware failure or other system issue, the data can be re-installed on your system.

Free Software Updates – We want you to have the latest and greatest that we have to offer. As a web-based service, SmartCheck is improved on a daily basis without the need to download new software. With Paycheck Secure, we provide free software updates throughout your relationship with us.

Additional Add On Services

No matter your need, Mac Productions has value-added services you can add to any of our check cashing solutions, a-la-cart. Purchase only what you need, and add over time as your business grows.

Maker Research – Haven’t seen that check maker before? Reduce your risk of accepting a fraudulent check by using our Maker Research feature. Mac Productions reviews national databases of bank accounts to verify that routing and account numbers are valid and in good standing.

Review Center – Sometimes checks need to be reviewed by an expert before being approved. The Mac Productions Review Center lets a clerk send a check to review where it can be remotely viewed, compared to similar checks from that customer, and then approved or denied by a corporate risk manager or supervisor. You can also outsource Review Center to Mac Productions where the transaction information is sent to our in-house experts for review and recommendation.

Check 21 Electronic Deposits – Simplify your banking. Get your money back faster. Enroll in our Check 21 Electronic Deposit program and automatically deposit your checks electronically. We process every kind of check or money order, even those accepted at your cash register.

Check Guarantee – Guarantee all eligible payroll and government checks for 100% face value with Mac Productions’s Check Guarantee program. We can remove the risks of check cashing.