Welcome to Mac Productions


Mac Productions is a technology solutions provider. Since June of 1999, our focus has been on the small to medium sized business, home-based business and nonprofit markets.

Mac Productions markets the following services to our target markets:
Web development
Web hosting and e-commerce
Online file backup
Website Maintenance/Management
Prepaid Cellular and Long Distance
Prepaid Debit and Gift Cards
Bill Payment
Certified Payments
Check Cashing
Credit Card Processing

Mac Productions is capable of providing end to end solutions for your small to medium sized business and non-profit organization regardless of if your online or offline. Our solutions are also capable of bridging the gap between your offline operation and your online web presence. If you’re planning a web presence we can bring the two together seamlessly.

ISG Summary

Mac Productions Internet Solutions Group or “ISG”, was not born from a lengthy business plan or a boardroom brimming with high-tech wizards. It was created in 1999, after working on a web-based project for a world-renowned university in Cleveland, Ohio.

ISG brings together the most talented web developers, and state of the art technology to create solutions that tackle the myriad of challenges facing small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations today and tomorrow.

PSG Summary

PSG (which stands for Prepaid Solutions Group) is a business unit of Mac Productions and the nations first virtual distributor of prepaid products and services. Formed in the summer of 2003, PSG is a very unique distributor for several reasons. The biggest reason is our hands on approach with our dealers. We get personally involved with their business and their success. We offer on-going training and support, to enable our dealers to work smarter, not harder. Furthermore, we employ several proven methods to drive business to their doorsteps. PSG is attracting dealers of all sizes nationwide, even individuals seeking a business opportunity, because we get results.

BSG Summary

In 2006, the Business Service Group or BSG was added to bridge the gap between back office, front office and web operations.

The Engine of Retail

An ever-increasing number of retail establishments, neighborhood stores, service stations, and supermarkets are choosing to be “Powered By BSG”. With FREE shipping on selected items, competitive rates for merchant accounts and more, can you blame them?

See for yourself. Become the next business “Powered By BSG”.