Mac Productions PartnerOne+ Program


Partnering For Success.

Take your income to the next level with our PartnerOne+ program. Our work at home program has the tools, resources and support that you need to meet your most ambitious financial goals. PartnerOne+ was designed to compliment any lifestlye.

PartnerOne+ is ideal for:
* Stay at home moms
* Work from home opportunity seekers
* Anyone seeking a second income

You make the referral and we'll handle everything else from follow-up to fulfillment , from callback to close and everything in between. Or you can handle the entire process yourself you'll earn even more. We even provide LEADS. Regardless of your background you have a home in the PartnerOne+ family. It costs NOTHING to join.


Join PartnerOne+ Today!
Please fill out the form below carefully. Fields that have a red asterisk * must be filled in. If you are already a PartnerOne+ partner, click here.


First Name*: Last Name*:
Email Address *:
Street Address*: (P.O. Box not accepted)
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City*: State/Province (U.S. and Canada ONLY)*:
Zip/Postal code*: Country*: Referred By*:
Contact Phone*: (Area Code Included)
SSN or Federal Tax I.D.: (A valid tax ID is required once you earn over $600 in a calendar year. You can leave it blank for now. US ONLY)

Terms and Agreement*: By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by Mac Productions PartnerOne program terms and conditions. Including the NO SPAMMING/UCE policy.



How Does It Work
•Refer people interested in our products/services, we do the rest, and you get $$$$ (Referral Partners ONLY)**
*Referrals are submitted through easy to use order forms or Android/iPhone app (Referral Partners ONLY)**
*Or make direct contact with prospects interested in our products/services and close them (iReps)

Why partner with us
•You refer, we close, you collect $$$$ (Referral Partners ONLY)**
•You have a dedicated team that works just for you
*Generous commissions and lifetime residuals
*Prizes, spiffs, year end bonuses
•Access to a dedicated partner portal

What Can I Sell
•Prepaid Cellular and Prepaid Long Distance
•Credit Card Processing Services
•Satellite Television (Commercial and Residential)
*Internet and Telephone Services (Commercial and Residential)
•Bill Payment Services
•Website Management Services
•Website Design Services
•Shared Hosting Plans

What You Need To Get Started
*Internet access
*Smartphone (Android or iPhone)
*Computer or tablet
*Adobe Acrobat or PDF compatible software
*Microsoft Word or compatible word processor

** - Referrals must be converted into sales before payout can occur

Referral Partner: You refer prospects into the sales process
iRep: You are the sales process from prospecting to close it begins and ends with you.



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