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The check cashing market:
$2.6 B - check cashing fee revenue annually, get your share Now!
$300 B - value of checks consumers and small businesses cash every year
25 million – unbanked households in the US

Paycheck Secure is a complete payroll and government check cashing solution. Used in thousands of retail locations, the check cashing system uses biometrics for identification (as opposed to verification), enabling a nationwide risk database.

Using Paycheck Secure merchants can now:
• Look up customers with their finger - no ID needed after enrollment.
• Automatically verify each transaction against our proprietary national database of bad check writers.
• Speed check-cashing transaction and search time; promoting a friendlier check cashing experience.
• Real-time confirmation of a check maker account to determine if it is open, active, or overdrawn.
• Deposit checks electronically - significant time-savings, more secure transactions and faster access to funds (Next-day funding available).

System Specifications

Dell Optiplex Computer
Digital Camera
CardScan ID Scanner
Fingerprint Scanner
Free Support
Multi-store Feature ***

*** - If you are store with multiple locations, you can benefit from our multi-store enrollment feature. Your customer only needs to register once, and then they can cash checks at any store within your chain. The system will download the record of a customer who is enrolled at another store in the same chain.

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