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Bill Payment

Mac Productions offers a cost-effective, no-hassle way to provide retailers the convenience of accepting walk-in payments through our Walk-In Bill Payment Solutions. We also offer proven business building program such as our Bill Pay Club which drives more customers to your doorstep and profit$ into your pockets.

Plus, you get a FREE Terminal And how great is that?


No Set up Cost
Increase store Foot traffic by 30%
Access to 19,000 billers
Real time bill payment
Contract & non contract bill payment
Online as well as terminal bill pay system
Customers Bills are paid Instantly or Next Day

24/7/365 days customer service (In English and Spanish)

No Cost to you
Earn commission on each transaction
Transactions take seconds
Guaranteed payment
Cross border bill payment
No inventory required
Drive Store Foot traffic and build a loyal customer base
Build steady and reliable revenue source
Our average bill pay store earns $200 per month in commissions

Boost In-store Traffic with Bill Pay

Fact: "According to Visa estimates, there are 80 million consumers in the U.S. who lack access to a payment card or are without a traditional banking relationship. This group of consumers receive approximately $1 trillion in annual income and pays an estimated $1.5 billion annually in fees alone".

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